Dome Entertainment

A Cineyug Group Enterprise

Note From MD's Desk

Mazhar Nadiadwala

When we founded Dome Entertainment in 2012 we had a clear vision that we want it to be ‘The’ destination for which our nation would be known for across the world. We are today, India’s largest indoor venue catering to a variety of events from music concerts to broadway shows, private weddings, corporate events, trade shows and so on. Whether it’s personal or professional, we provide customers with quality end to end solutions. The Indian media and entertainment sector has seen unparalleled growth over the past decade, and as a dynamic, diversified business, Dome is well positioned to take advantage of this exciting growth. With the inbuilt facilities at Dome, we offer experiences to our customers of international standards.

Our strength stems from the fact that we have some of the best talent in the industry. We come with a background of Cineyug Worldwide, the pioneers of the Event Management Industry in India. We aim to grow the brand not just in the number of events we tailor to, but also in terms of market share and size.

Our operating performance till date has been commendable & we will continue to deliver beyond expectations. Dome will continue its endeavour to achieve excellence & commitment towards providing complete event solutions to our stakeholders.